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Helpful Information

For anyone considering moving into a care home it may feel like an overwhelming proposition with so many unknowns. The information on this page is intended to give reassurance, and provide you with the information you need so you to know what to expect if you choose Haighfield.

If you are considering residential or nursing care we recommend contacting Age Uk in advance of any viewing. They will provide advice and documentation which indicates the sort of things you should be looking for, and what questions to be asking while you are on a visit. Ask them for their Care Home Checklist booklet.

Finding a home that feels right for you or your relative is crucial. Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions or you need more information. You can always visit us, we would be delighted if you could come to Haighfield where we can answer your questions while you see the home and how we care.

We have put together what we believe is helpful information in the details below. You may well have further questions. The following information are the things we believe you will find helpful in gathering and understanding.

Types of Care



Residential Care

Residential care is suitable to meet a variety of needs. This can be from people who are mobile and are generally aware of their circumstances but, for whatever reason, are unable to live independently at home; through to people who are infirm or confused and would be a risk to themselves and others if they continued to remain living at home. To meet the needs of these people we provide a comfortable room along with all meals, housekeeping and a laundry service. Assistance with daily activities such as personal care, nutritional intake and mobility is provided as and when required. There are also regular activities and trips out of the home to maintain positive life experiences and promote the overall wellbeing of the person. By choosing Haighfield, if a person’s needs increase and nursing care is needed, this can be done seamlessly, without the personal distress of having to move from a residential only home to a new, unfamiliar environment at a nursing home.



Nursing Care

For people who have more complex needs we have qualified nurses on duty at all times 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We have excellent links with social workers, GPs and hospital staff to ensure that personal needs are met. Some people who have long-term substantial needs may receive their funding from the NHS, which is known as Continuing Health Care. This means that professional help is needed over an extended period of time to meet complex physical and/or mental health needs. We are able to provide this level of care whereas some other homes may not be able to offer this.



Dementia Care

Haighfield is not a registered dementia home but is able to accept people with dementia if their primary need is nursing care. Dementia affects people in different ways and we are able to provide the best possible and safest care at Haighfield. The care team need to be able to deal with things such as mood swings, loss of memory and difficulty in communicating.



Respite Care

This is predominantly suitable for people who have a carer who has either decided to take a holiday, or feels they would just benefit from a short-break from the care and support they are giving. Stays at Haighfield can be for just a few hours, or a week or whatever period is required. You can be assured that the same level of care will be provided to all people in the home irrespective of the basis they have come to us. Respite care is also a good way to assess the home and consider whether full-time care may be a future option. Places on this basis are limited and availability needs to be discussed with the home manager.

Moving In

Before Admission

We want moving into Haighfield to be straightforward and problem free. Before making any decision we like to meet with the person and their family so that we understand what they require and how we can meet their needs. In other words we make sure that the home is right for the person. Accordingly, the initial four weeks are on a trial basis after which the home and person’s compatibility will be confirmed.

On Admission

We make every effort to settle people into their new home and, to facilitate this, a nurse and key worker will be assigned to the person. These will be the main people from the care team who will take responsibility for and best know our resident as an individual. They will know their care need preferences, like & dislikes, and hobbies and interests. In consultation with the person, a detailed nursing assessment and care plan will also be created which provides a paper record of needs and care provided. This is a vital document in ensuring quality and safe care is provided.

Essential Items

Items such a bedding and towels will be provided as part of the service; we suggest bringing a number of essential items for example all prescribed medications, daily clothing, a minimum of two sets of nightwear with dressing gown and slippers, an outdoor coat and, of course, don’t forget your toiletries.

Personal Possessions

To us it is really important that personal rooms feel like “home” to each resident. We actively encourage people to personalise their rooms with belongings such as photographs, ornaments and paintings. Televisions and small items of furniture will be accommodated wherever possible but advance approval is required from the home manager (safety and fire checks will need to be undertaken on these items).


We are proud to source our food from renowned suppliers such as Noel Chadwick at Standish and other such suppliers. This is quality food which ensures the meals we make are delicious but, more importantly, more nutritional than value brand foods with mechanically recovered meat etc.

Meals, snacks, drinks and special diets are provided as part of our service. We recognise the importance of the mealtime experience and promise an enjoyable and sociable atmosphere. The day usually begins with a cup of tea followed by breakfast, offering a choice of either full cooked or continental style. Lunch and tea always have the option of a hot cooked meal with drinks and snacks are available throughout the day as people want them.

Each person will have a full dietary assessment undertaken and, where required, a special diet plan is prepared. This may be due to the fact that they are vegetarian, vegan, a religious based requirement or due to a medical requirement. Our chefs are committed to providing excellent food and we are pleased that they have been with us a considerable length of time


The important contribution that group and individual activities can make in creating a stimulating and enjoyable living environment is appreciated at Haighfield.

We believe it essential to engage people and involve them in creating and developing activities and interests. A wide ranging choice of one-to-one and group activities have been established which is aimed at encouraging active and social lives.

Our Activity Co-ordinator facilitates a variety of indoor and outdoor activities including painting & crafts, chats, dominoes, playing cards & memory games, hairdressing & beauty sessions, television & films, singsongs, reminiscence & nostalgia sessions and quizzes. in addition entertainers are booked regularly to perform. Time is also spent with people who benefit from activities just on a one to one basis or where they have a unique interest or hobby.


The building is wheelchair accessible and has 39 bedrooms, 2 lounges (which have dining areas) and a balcony which overlooks the Douglas Valley. All bathrooms are purpose built and designed to facilitate everybody’s transfer and mobility needs.

Temperatures throughout the building are carefully managed to ensure the correct levels for all who live here to ensure their comfort 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The decoration and maintenance programme ensures a pleasant surroundings for people to live in. To support this environment the housekeeping team will service the rooms on a daily basis and keep everywhere spotlessly clean with pleasant aromas.


We place no age or timing restrictions on anyone visiting Haighfield to see a loved one, after all it is their home. However, we do ask if consideration can be given to the person’s routine to avoid certain times, for example when they will be eating or sleeping.

Where a person is involved in an activities session we are more than happy for visitors to participate and enjoy the session with them.

Meetings can take place in either a shared area, such as one of the lounges, or a private area such as the bedroom or other available room.

Extra Services

To enhance the living experience at Haighfield we will arrange for extra services for the people we care for. These services are not provided as part of the care home service and the charges levied by these organisations will be met by the person requesting and receiving them.

Professionals who currently attend at the Haighfield to provide additional services include:

  • hairdresser
  • chiropodist
  • physiotherapist
  • optician
  • clergy from any religion (free of charge)

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